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Virtual therapy for individuals and couples.
Consultation and training for clinicians.

I'm a licensed therapist for residents of Texas and Washington and I specialize in recovery from religious trauma, spiritual abuse, cults, and other high-control groups. I love working with clients who, like me, are neurodivergent, queer, or just looking for a place to feel safe and understood.

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Religious Trauma Survival Guide Book Cover

My book, The Religious Trauma Survival Guide, offers people with high-control religious experiences empathy and understanding. Readers are given language to help them understand what they've experienced, process their hurt and anger, and start healing. Each chapter includes multiple inventories, checklists, and personal reflection prompts to help readers connect more deeply with themselves and gain insight into how religious trauma has impacted them.

Part 1 of The Religious Trauma Survival Guide provides education about trauma symptoms, the impacts of religious trauma, the common dynamics of high-control religious groups, and other things that religious trauma survivors often experience. Part 2 of the book focuses exclusively on healing, offering a holistic view of trauma recovery. By the end of the book, readers will have practical tools for building self-compassion and healing.

I'm a licensed therapist specializing in recovery from religious and spiritual abuse and am a survivor of religious trauma myself. The book's content pulls from my personal experiences and professional research on post-traumatic stress disorder, trauma recovery techniques, power and control dynamics, and mental health treatment strategies.

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