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Codependency is often normalized in high-control groups and can impact your relationships long afterward.
 Count the statements below that reflect things you often think or do.

  1. I often prioritize other people’s needs even if I’m neglecting my own.

  2. I feel guilty when I have to say no to other people's requests.

  3. I volunteer my time even when I’m busy with other things.

  4. I show physical affection to others even when I’m uncomfortable.

  5. I give money to others even when I’m struggling financially.

  6. I sometimes resent other people when I'm doing favors for them.

  7. I often pretend I'm not hurt by other people's insensitive actions.

  8. I stay loyal to certain people even when they keep hurting me.

  9. I feel obligated to forgive people even when they keep hurting me.

  10. I often apologize even when I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong.

  11. I will ignore physical discomfort if I’m busy helping someone else.

  12. I try to spare my loved ones from the consequences of their actions.

  13. I often feel responsible for making other people feel happy or calm.

  14. I feel hurt when other people choose to keep things private from me.

  15. I feel hurt when other people don’t anticipate what I need.

  16. I feel guilty when I can’t anticipate what other people need.

  17. I notice my mood shifting to match the people around me.

  18. I often change my mind to match the opinions of people around me.

  19. I feel obligated to be the peacemaker when others are in conflict.

  20. I feel panicked when there’s a disagreement, even if I'm not involved.

  21. I often take care of people who can technically care for themselves.

  22. I usually get anxious when I have to do tasks on my own.

  23. I often worry that I’m upsetting other people without even realizing it.

  24. I need other people to tell me if I’m making the right decision.

  25. I usually don't feel confident until I've gotten reassurance from others.

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